The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 22: December 18, 2005


Week of December 18, 2005

  • This week, listeners Beck, Kadosho, Gh33da, and Kropotkin share their views on the best things game-wise in a holiday roundtable. We go down each platform and discuss what we feel are the best buys.
  • We interview dcNate who received the Xbox 360 Premium System from Pixels @ Allgames this week - check out his photo tribute on our forums!
  • The Xbox 360 launch in Japan was a little rocky, to say the least.
  • But hey, at least Microsoft SAYS right now that early adopters WON'T get screwed out of an HD-DVD drive!
  • Chris Morris over at CNN/Money played with the Nintendo Revolution and didn't deem it all too revolutionary - perhaps it's time for Nintendo to drop that name?
  • And congrats to FifthDream who won a free sealed copy of Wild Arms 3!

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