The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 207: July 26, 2009


NCAA Football 10, Rock Band Stage Kit

  • Be sure to pick up the new FREE All Games Radio app for your iPhone or iPod Touch!
  • Instead of talking about music games, we give our impressions of NCAA Football 10.
  • We picked up the Rock Band Stage Kit that just went down in price, and give our preliminary impressions of it.
  • Then we take calls about Magic: The Gathering on XBLA, The Beatles: Rock Band, La Mulana for WiiWare, Mechwarrior 4, and the Rock Band Network.
  • Also, check out the Room 101 episode of the Digital Cowboys podcast to hear them try to tell Bobby why he was wrong about certain things that annoy him in games.

Download The MP3! - 16MB, 44 minutes 58 seconds

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