The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 201: June 14, 2009


Motion Controls, 1 vs. 100, The Sims 3

  • We begin by talking about the motion controls in Project Natal for the 360 and the balls-on-wands for the PS3. While discussing Milo, we bring up our corrupted Little Computer People disk on the Commodore 64.
  • We look at Star Wars: The Old Republic and see how Lucasarts is going to make a better Star Wars MMO.
  • The PSP Go was announced and it was not priced the way we expected.
  • The 1 vs. 100 beta started in North America during E3, and we finally got a chance to play it.
  • Getting our green gem on: We try to play The Sims 3 but we wind up having to crack it just to get it to run.
  • Then we take calls about The Sims 3, the PSP Go, Motion Controls, and during the OLR throwover, we discuss Nintendo's upcoming Demo Play functionality.

Download The MP3! - 20MB, 56 minutes 52 seconds

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