The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 200: June 7, 2009


E3 Wrapup

This recording begins with an explanation for the recent lack of updates to the RSS Feed.

  • We just got back from E3 2009 and we discuss our favorite games of show: The Beatles: Rock Band, Brutal Legend, Split Second, and Scribblenauts. Find out which one got Game Of Show from us! Also check out for videos from the show floor.
  • We discuss the changes with the Xbox Live dashboard and what they will and won't do.
  • We sat in on a Roundtable Q&A session with Shigeru Miyamoto and talk about some of the highlights from that.
  • Then we take calls about the Brutal Legend lawsuit brought on during E3, Project Natal and other motion controllers, and other E3 madness.

Download The MP3! - 26MB, 1 hour 14 minutes 37 seconds

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