The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 171-172: November 9, 2008


Content Moderation, Kids and M Games, Reviewing Innovation

In the first episode:

  • We begin by talking about Global Agenda and Pwning For A Cure...Did you see the photos on Kotaku of the event?
  • We look into the issue of content moderation of user-generated levels and songs, and the heavy hand that seems to be occurring in LittleBigPlanet.
  • This is also occurring in Guitar Hero: World Tour, and that launches into why the music creator isn't exactly as robust as advertised.
  • We answer a voicemail from a minor asking us if we believe minors should play M-Rated games.
  • Then we take calls on America's Videogame Expo, M-Rated game players, and content moderation.

In the second episode:
  • We wish a happy birthday to all of the current major consoles, which were released several years ago this week.
  • We discuss some of the innovations in console interface design and how the consoles are different today than they were on launch day.
  • We give our impressions of Animal Crossing: City Folk, but frankly, just stay away.
  • A reviewer believes that innovative games (such as Mirror's Edge) should get a pass in reviews for bad gameplay, and be given higher scores just for being innovative...What?
  • This leads to several calls about that topic as well as the used games market, the New Xbox Experience, and why Left 4 Dead will be flipping awesome.

Don't let a ninja steal your Wii Speak peripheral.

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