The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 168-169: October 19, 2008


LBP Delay, Fable 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour

(Warning: There is a portion of the second episode that has lots of bleeps. There are warnings before it occurs so you can get any youngn's out of the room.)

Head on over to Computer Arena in Roswell, GA on Saturday, November 8th for Mission: Pwning for a Cure, put on by Global Agenda developers Hi-Rez Studios and benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - All Games Radio will be broadcasting starting at 3PM ET/Noon PT!

In the first episode:

In the second episode:
  • E3 returns to attempt to recapture it's former glory, but you're most likely not invited.
  • We give our impressions on Fable 2.
  • Also, we give somewhat limited impressions on Guitar Hero: World Tour because the "superior" instruments DON'T WORK SO WE COULDN'T PLAY THE GAME OR COMPLETE THE TUTORIAL OR JSDKLAJFDKLSFJDKSLFJKL...
  • Then we take calls on why some people hate reviewers and on E For All.

Download The MP3! - 39MB, 1 hour 51 minutes 53 seconds

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