The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 158-159: August 3, 2008


Matthew Clarke on Prince of Persia, Geo Wars 2, Civ Rev, Strong Bad

I GREATLY apologize for the length of time it took to make these shows available.  Once again, real life got in the way.

In the first episode:

  • We give an update on our PS3 and talk about the recent release of Soul Calibur IV and how we're not playing it.
  • Then we give our impressions of Civilization Revolution and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2.
  • The Burnout Paradise Cagney update was finally announced for the Xbox 360, while PS3 owners already had it.
  • Activision decided not to publish several high profile Vivendi titles such as Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend, but all is not lost.
  • We have an interview with Matthew Clarke,  the Team Lead for the Eleca character in the new Prince of Persia, and we talk about not dying.
  • Then we take calls about Prince of Persia and Soul Calibur IV.
In the second episode:
  • We give an update on our PS3 and talk about the recent release of Soul Calibur IV and how we're now playing it.
  • We give a small preview of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People Episode One: Homestar Ruiner, as our live show aired before the embargo was lifted so we couldn't go into much detail.
  • We then discuss Braid and it's $15 price as a downloadable title and wonder why there's so much hostility over the price.
  • We also talk about artsy games and bring up PixelJunk Eden.
  • Time Warner released in a financial report that Gametap is being sold.
  • The promo we played is for Playapalooza'08, a charity event put on by our friends at Platform Nation.
  • Kadosho calls in to give us a scoop on Street Fighter IV coming to US arcades, starting with an arcade in Tacoma, Washington this coming week.
  • We take a call about fighting games and how other podcasters miscategorize them.
  • We read out the answers to our Rock Revolution contest and OLR (unknowingly) helps us decide who wins the Rock Revolution branded iPod Speakers.

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