The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 150-151: June 8, 2008


Qore, 360 Leaks, MGS4

It's another double episode due to more website troubles at - be on the lookout for a brand new site!

On the first episode:

  • We congratulate Spanny for his stunning victory of the Limited Edition GTA4 Themed Xbox 360 from Gamerscore Blog as the winner over all of the other shows on All Games Radio.
  • We pose a question about HDMI cables for the PS3 - ours is a little wonky.
  • Then we delve right into PlayStation Qore, which is a $2.99 download that shows you propaganda.
  • The Home Beta will be much like Gmail's Beta - oh and by the way, Gmail is STILL IN BETA.
  • The GTA4 Downloadable Content for the Xbox 360 seems to have been delayed, but will it still come out in 2008?
  • Then we take a call from someone who isn't hyped up for Metal Gear Solid 4.
In the second episode:

Download The MP3! - 41MB, 1 hour 57 minutes 25 seconds

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