The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 140: March 23, 2008 Live, Gibson vs. The World

  • Kropotkin from Superhappyfuntimeshow joins us to discuss what he saw at the Live event in London¬ís Wembley Stadium, and also tells us why he could have shut the entire event down.
  • We discuss a little bit about Lost Odyssey and Sam & Max: Episode 204.
  • But then we discuss Gibson suing everybody in the world over Guitar Hero and Rock Band, along with public statements from Activision, Gibson, and Harmonix.
  • We bring up that the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack will be free this week, to prepare for the Legendary Map pack coming in April.
  • Then we take calls on Japanese developers not wanting to evolve, and (once again) the death of PC gaming.

Download The MP3! - 24MB, 1 hour 8 minutes 40 seconds

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