The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 130-131: January 13, 2008


Sam and Max, Harvey Birdman Impressions

Due to a very forgetful podcaster (me) - you get TWO recorded episodesin one MP3! (I hadnÂ’t realize that I forgot to edit the Jan 13th showuntil two hours before the Jan 20th show. It was a crazy week.)

So, on the first show from January 13th:

  • WeÂ’re going to be at Video Games Live in Orlando on January 24th (Yeah, short notice) at Hard Rock Live, so if youÂ’re there, come say hi!
  • We look over a lot of the CES happenings and wonder why people wereupset that the keynote speeches had to do with Consumer Electronics atthe Consumer Electronics Show.
  • We also take a look at Gizmodo shutting off TVÂ’s as a prank and what this may mean for bloggers and podcasters getting into trade shows in the future.
  • We give our impressions on Sam & Max Episode 202: Moai Better Blues, and itÂ’s going to be surprising.
  • The Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye was coming to Xbox Live Arcade...But what happened?
  • Mass Effect is the new whipping boy of the gaming industry because of a one minute cutscene, and the conservative watchdog groups are protecting families by claiming itÂ’s extremely graphic.
  • Then we take phone calls about fighting games, namely Street Fighter IV, Soul Calibur IV (now with more Yoda and Darth Vader) and Super Smash Bros.
On the January 20th show (starts 53 minutes in):
  • We give our impressions of the extremely short Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law for the Wii (but also available on the PS2 and PSP) and tell you if it really is just a funnier Phoenix Wright.
  • Bionic Commando is not only getting a next-gen version, the original 2D classic is getting remade as Bionic Commando Rearmed (NOT "reamed".)
  • The Xbox Live problems are continuing, and Microsoft has beenadvised to no longer comment or give updates due to the Texas lawsuit,but they did announce that Undertow would be available as the free game for ALL Xbox Live Gold and Silver members this week.
  • Dan Hsu announced that Electronic Gaming Monthly have been blacklistedby portions of Midway and Sony, as well as all of Ubisoft, for givingtheir opinion on their products. What will this mean to you, the reader?
  • We mention briefly about the indie game I Wanna Be The Guy and why it hates you and why itÂ’s brilliant.
  • Then we take calls about how we look at games and internet fanboy arguments, and about MicrosoftÂ’s free game apology.

Download The MP3! - 40MB, 1 hour 53 minutes 54 seconds

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