The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 127: December 23, 2007


DNF Teaser, Holiday Predictions

Hope everyone had a good holiday. This is the episode from ChristmasEve Eve - it was delayed due to the holidays and then being hit drivinghome the day after Christmas when I had planned to edit. (Nothingmajor, everyoneÂ’s okay.) I canÂ’t wait for 2008 to begin.

  • We tested the Burnout Paradise demoÂ’s online modes with the same people on the 360 and the PS3 - and the results may come as a surprise.
  • EA has sent us the list of games we can choose from for our free game due to Rock BandÂ’s guitars not shipping on time.
  • We also got our 500 Microsoft Points for being a founding member,along with an exclusive gamerpic (constantly referred to as "gamertag"during the live show for some strange reason.)
  • Sony has taken the next step in their PS3/PSP integration, alongwith including an Internet Radio Player on the PSP, which you can useto listen to All Games Radio.
  • Hell froze over when a teaser for Duke Nukem Forever was released this week.
  • The ESA announced that E3 2008 will be once again held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, however it will not be like the E3Â’s of old.
  • Teenagers committed a gruesome crime and then blamed it on a video game from 1991 - and people are buying into it.
  • Then we ask - what was the big winner this holiday season for gaming?
  • We also take calls about Microsoft announcing while we were on the air that they were allowing people to gift MS Points, and then about the various conventions occurring in 2008.

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