The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 124: December 2, 2007



  • We begin by updating you on our Rock Band struggles - we were offered a free game by EA due to the lateness of the shipment of our replacement instrument, but the email stated the wrong instrument.
  • Vivendi has purchased Activision to create the new company Activision Blizzard.
  • And then, the meat of the show is devoted to the recent dismissalof GamespotÂ’s Jeff Gerstmann, allegedly due to advertiser pressure fromEidos over his review for Kane & Lynch. We take a lot of great callers discussing if game reviews are valid and who to trust.
  • Afterwards we do discuss the Xbox Live 2007 Fall Update set to drop on February 4th.
  • Also, we receive early indication from a chatter that Gametap is losing 70 games on December 11th...More to come on that one next week!

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