The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 123: November 25, 2007


Rock Band, Mass Effect

This was recorded seven days ago - unfortunately due to health issuesand technical issues (both pretty much resolved) this was delayed muchlonger than expected. This will not be a habit. Expect the December 2ndshow to be released on Wednesday to get things back on track.

  • In this show, we give our impressions on Rock Band - what works, and what doesnÂ’t. We also give advice on calibrating the lag to get you more lenient timing windows.
  • The Romantics are suing Activision for their cover in Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80Â’s. Do they have a case?
  • We also talk a little bit about Mass Effect.
  • Jeff Minter, designer of Tempest and Space Giraffe, almost gave up on gamers until the booze wore off.
  • We take calls about Xbox Live Arcade in general and more on the Wii shortages.
We have been nominated as Podcast of the Year in the 2007 Xbox Community Awards, and voting is going on RIGHT NOW at (not starting on the 8th as the audio states.)

Download The MP3! - 19MB, 54 minutes 26 seconds

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