The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 121: November 11, 2007


Xbox Live is 5ive, Sam and Max Episode 201:Ice Station Santa

  • Xbox Live is 5ive, and Microsoft is celebrating.  We look back at Xbox Live and why itÂ’s lasted when other console online gaming initiatives before it failed.  We also show that online gaming isnÂ’t all that new, just never mainstream.
  • The PS3Â’s 2.0 firmware is out, and while not the megaton that the PS3 fanboys promised on SonyÂ’s behalf, it still has a few nice features that are a welcome sight to see.
  • We take a look at Sam & Max Episode 201: Ice Station Santa - the beginning of the next season of the episodic point and click adventure game.
  • We also talk a little bit about Zack & Wiki: Quest for BarbarosÂ’ Treasure for the Wii, although weÂ’ve only had a little bit of playtime with it.
  • The NPD Group decided to cut back on releasing hardware and software sales numbers, and they didnÂ’t expect the fan reaction.
  • We recount our trip to the Jonathan Coulton concert in Atlanta, where some idiot demanded to hear the song from Portal the minute he walked on stage.
  • Then we take a call about Namco Bandai purchasing Banpresto, and about the breaking of street dates.

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