The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 112: September 9, 2007


Dreamcast and PS1 Birthday, Adam Carpenter on Fury

  • Con season is finally over - we reminisce about PAX and Dragon*con.
  • This week's interview is with Adam Carpenter, lead designer for Fury, where you can get your PvP on in a big money tournament this month.
  • While at PAX, we took a look at Halo ActionClix from Wizkids.
  • We also saw King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters and, while it may be inaccurate, itÂ’s still a very well-made film.
  • The show was taped on the birthday of the Dreamcast, and we look back at 9-9-99 and then look to the sad present.
  • SEGA of Japan is discontinuing hardware support of the Dreamcast.
  • But, two new games are coming out for the system by an independent developer.
  • In the present generation, Factor Five have sent out reviewers guides to Lair, as if they had never played a video game before.
  • Then, we take calls about Metroid Prime 3, Apple getting into the gaming industry, and then are reminded that the original Playstation also launched on this day.
  • Then, we relay a story about the founder of AmericaÂ’s Videogame Expo getting drunk at PAX and getting kicked out after hitting on the volunteers that run the show.
  • The next two weeks will have shows live on SATURDAYS at 8PM ET/5PM PT due to personal commitments.

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