The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 110-2: August 26, 2007


2007 Penny Arcade Expo Wrapup

Bobby Blackwolf brings in Luke Stapely from Game Addict Hotline, GamerAndy from the Virtual World, NamelessTed from Destructoid and ChatterBox Video Game Radio, Tom Kim from GDC Radio, and Chris Grant from Joystiq over to our little table outside the press room to discuss PAX, what it was, and what it wasnÂ’t.  We also speculate on E For All (they were spamming PAX) as well as discuss the rumor that Bioshock is confirmed for the PS3 because of a config file in the PC version of the game.  Then we learn what the final game of the Omegathon was and Chris Grant immediately goes into blogger mode and runs off.

Download The MP3! - 25MB, 1 hour 11 minutes 37 seconds

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