The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 108: August 12, 2007


XNA Allows Wiimotes (kinda), DirectX 10.1 Obsoletes You

No excuses on the lateness of this one other than just not having the consecutive time all week to edit the show the way I usually do.  Next week *should* be better. 

  • WeÂ’re getting ready to go to Penny Arcade Expo and already have a lot of interviews lined up with companies, and we hope to be streaming LIVE from the show floor sometime during the weekend.
  • There was a Wii update and a new Metroid Prime 3 Preview channel.
  • Microsoft representatives at SIGGRAPH informed us that DirectX 10.1 is coming and no current hardware supports it.  Great way to stick it to your devoted customers!
  • In Finland, Microsoft demoed XNA using a Wii Remote thanks to being able to use third party .NET libraries in PC compiled XNA programs.
  • Halo 3 is being cross marketed like a movie with tie-ins with 7-11 and Mountain Dew.
  • Circuit City has subpoenaed and to give information about a forum user posting their weekly sale ads early.
  • Our midpoint song is "Re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton, who will be performing at PAX.
  • Then we attempt to define "hardcore gamer" and then take calls about an extra channel in the Wii and discuss the Stranglehold demo.
  • An interesting question arises: which is a better value for $60 to you: A 60 hour experience that is slow to get into but has some great experiences (peaks and valleys) or a 10 hour experience that is intense 100% of the time?

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