The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 106: July 29, 2007


Disc Size vs. Gameplay, EA Admits To Hardware Fanboyism

  • We had an amazing experience with our PS3 - we upgraded our firmware without leaving the couch!
  • We also discuss the extremely large Heavenly Sword demo and wonder why developers today have bloated code - includes reminiscing about the Demoscene of old and what they could accomplish on old PCÂ’s and Amiga computers with a filesize no larger than a floppy.
  • We talk about the Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay trailer as well as warn people away from Wing Commander Arena.
  • CBS Sports aired the first episode of the World Series of Video Games - and it wasnÂ’t that bad!
  • Electronic Arts is no longer #1 in third party sales - thatÂ’s Activision - and the CEO believes that they were hardware fanboys and thatÂ’s why they lost their place.
  • If you head to Circuit City (in the US) this week you can take part in a sale on Xbox Live Accessories that are $20 off if you buy two accessories of $20 or more - including points cards!
  • The Xbox 360 HD-DVD PlayerÂ’s price was reduced and you can also get 5 free movies.
  • Then we talk about the acceptance of HDTVÂ’s and then about the term "Hardcore Gamer" and why it sucks.

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