The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 105: July 22, 2007


Controversial Footballs and Game Engines

  • First off, big thanks to The Blue Skittle for featuring us in Issue #2 of their gaming webzine.
  • Nothing says July like Football, as two new games have come out - and we glitched one of them!
  • We rant a little bit more about Rock BandÂ’s drum peripheral - this time explaining how we screwed up the game for everyone else due to poor placement of a button.
  • A leap in logic has been made by a financial newspaper angry about a possible scenario in All Pro Football 2K8 - Is it just because itÂ’s Take Two Interactive that publishes it?
  • Too Human developer Silicon Knights is suing Epic Games over gimped Unreal Engine 3 technology - we look at the lawsuit and try to paruse the legalese.
  • Peter Moore has decided that Northern California is where he wants to be and has left Microsoft to head up EA Sports.
  • Then we discuss some interesting things about Guitar Hero III such as who will most likely sue them and why, as well as a misspoken marketing representative that almost gave us the biggest scoop of E3.
  • We then take calls about Burnout Paradise, the Casual Game Summit, and long RPGÂ’s for the DS.

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