The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 103: July 8, 2007


PS3 Price Drop, 360 Warranty, E3 Preview

  • E3 is coming up, and weÂ’ll be...somewhere near it, kinda sorta.
  • During the live broadcast, the PS3 was rumored to be making a price drop of $100, which Sony denied.  An hour later, during the editing, Sony issued a press release stating that the price drop has arrived.
  • Microsoft announced that they would have a three-year warranty for Xbox 360Â’s that fail due to the red rings of death.
  • Videos were leaked from an early showing of Rock Band that showed...something disappointing.  Hopefully the drum peripheral really IS just an early prototype!
  • We then talk about Mother 3 getting a major fan translation, the Sony vs. Church of England saga, and the upcoming football games.  We also take calls about E3 and what happened in the UK to ECTS, Nintendo and the "hardcore game", and why Tecmo doesnÂ’t care for the new E3.

Download The MP3! - 19MB, 55 minutes

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