Friday Night Gaming Episode 79: September 10, 2010


Metroid: Other M

Mike cohosts from CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA, as we repeatedly talk about BABIES with Metroid: Other M on the Wii. There are some technical difficulties at the start of the show, which are all preserved unedited in the audio podcast. (After the first glitch everything runs fine.)

We talk about Dragon*con, show some videos, and talk about one of the vendors where Bobby almost got royally ripped off. We show off a reproduction cartridge of a very expensive NES game that you yourself can buy for much cheaper than what Bobby paid for it.

Download The MP3! - 57MB, 2 hours 41 minutes 3 seconds

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Video Archive

Glitches begin - just the intro

The first minute after the intro

The first actual 15 minutes of the show

The rest of the show, glitch-free. BABIES.



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