Friday Night Gaming Episode 58: April 2, 2010


Special (Ed) Gaming

It was April First in our heads at CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA, so it was time to break out some special games. Superman 64 and ET 2600 started off the night, until Derrick Hopkins of Dead Pixel Live started chastising us for daring to call any game crap, as some of our live audience started pulling out GOOD 2600 games and calling them crap.

Then we pull out some stinkers from the Xbox 360 - Bullet Witch and Eat Lead.

This is a partial recording as the processor was still overheating at the time.

Download The MP3! - 52MB, 2 hours 28 minutes 34 seconds

490 total views

Video Archive

The first hour and a half - Superman and ET

The last hour and a half - 2600 and 360 games



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