Friday Night Gaming Episode 57: March 26, 2010


Game Room, The Saboteur

We turn CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA into a Game Room by showing off Microsoft's newest addition to the Xbox Live and Games For Windows platform. Is it for everyone, or just consumer whores like Bobby?

Then, we do an impromptu CC Gaming Hardware Spotlight and we replace the analog stick in an N64 controller.

After the kids are put to bed, we check out a game that came out in December of 2009 by EA - The Saboteur for Xbox 360. CC Gaming employee Kevin (or "Mini-Glen") plays through the game alternating between missions and random messing around, with an explosive ending featuring bovines. You won't want to miss it!

Download The MP3! - 63MB, 2 hours 58 minutes 21 seconds

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Video Archive

The first two and a half hours (network screwup)

The last 25 minutes, including the best ending to FNG ever.



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