Friday Night Gaming Episode 36: September 18, 2009


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Scribblenauts

In this episode filled with technical glitches from CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA, we play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the Xbox 360 both locally (with some gamers of questionable skill) and on Xbox Live with much better players. During this time, we also discuss how much Bobby loves Scribblenauts.

In a very quick hardware segment, we show the secret of removing permanent marker off of those NES cartridges that you put your name on as a kid.

We will not be on the air on September 25th as we will be in Augusta, GA for Video Games Live. On October 2-4, we will tentatively be broadcasting from the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo in Atlanta.

Download The MP3! - 61MB, 2 hours 53 minutes 30 seconds

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Video Archive

The first part...with weird duration.

The second part, after the internet problems

The final part, after the computer decided to reboot itself



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