Friday Night Gaming Episode 34: August 28, 2009


Batman: Arkham Asylum, PS3 Slim Disassembly

It's an asylum at CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA, and we're bringing in the Batman. Batman: Arkham Asylum is the game for the PS3 and we play both the main campaign and the Joker challenge levels.

But the big news is the CC Gaming Hardware Spotlight - we got our hands on a brand new PS3 Slim and completely disassemble it, and then put it back together. Does it work when we're done with it?

There is no live show on September 4th as we will be at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. See you on the 11th!

Download The MP3! - 61MB, 2 hours 54 minutes 41 seconds

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Video Archive

Part 1, featuring the entire PS3 Slim Disassembly

Part 2, featuring Batman calls



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