Friday Night Gaming Episode 24: June 19, 2009


Ghostbusters, Chris Rickwood

Live from the Computer ArenA in Roswell, GA, we take a look at Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360, both the singleplayer campaign and the multiplayer modes. As a special guest, Chris Rickwood joins us live at the ArenA - he worked on music for a lot of games, including doing the boss music for Ghostbusters! We give away a signed copy of Ghostbusters to one of our Twitter followers who so dutifully helped us in our shameless #followfriday request. We also discuss the No Elves campaign from Action MMO Global Agenda.

In the CC Gaming Hardware Spotlight, we show you how you can replace your DVD drive without having to flash firmware or get banned from Xbox Live.

Next week is our final show from the ArenA featuring a live performance by CC Ivory!

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