Friday Night Gaming Episode 10: March 13, 2009


Peggle (Yes, Really.)

We really wanted to play Resident Evil 5, but because it released that day, we had a problem getting our hands on it. We also couldn't get a hold of Madworld on short notice, so on Friday Night Gaming the 13th we played...PEGGLE. Yes, Popcap's lovable rainbow-filled unicorn-featuring casual game was just released on Xbox Live Arcade and we hook a few local players at the Computer ArenA in Roswell, GA on it, as well as playing in Peg Parties with our listeners.

We also take calls about a viewer in a national Street Fighter IV tournament, reminiscing about old TV commercials, and online tournament running.

In the CC Gaming Hardware Spotlight, we fix a "Blinking NES" with just three household objects, one of which we fix quite by accident and have to get a second one to do the real fix that we intended.

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I Hate You, Peggle.



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