Friday Night Gaming Episode 1: January 9, 2009


The First Show!

The first episode of Friday Night Gaming, a brand new Internet TV Show broadcasting live from the Computer ArenA in Roswell, GA! Unfortunately, due to technical mishaps, the video archive was not saved (that'll teach us to trust third party video providers) so you won't be able to see what the live viewers saw.

In this episode, Bobby Blackwolf and Glen Martin from CC Gaming commiserate over EGM's closure and the layoffs of 1up while attendees at the ArenA play Grand Theft Auto IV with our audience.

Our scheduled on-site tournament for Soul Calibur IV didn't have any entrants (it's still early in the show's lifespan) so it's being postponed.

In the CC Gaming Hardware Spotlight segment, we take apart an Xbox 360 that has disc tray issues.

Then we take calls about hardware repair and discuss the new DLC coming to Burnout Paradise, which is our Free Play game for next week. Also, next week, a live on-air demo of Cartoon Network's MMO FusionFall!

Download The MP3! - 43MB, 2 hours 2 minutes 2 seconds

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