The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 92: April 22, 2007


Creatures of the Deep, Fake Story About Squeenix

  • This week we have a live phone interview from the Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica about NokiaÂ’s upcoming mobile fishing game Creatures of the Deep.  Producer Mike Smith and Games Marketing Manager for Nokia Brandon Crick tell us all about the new game and even give some tips on how to get into the industry.  Be sure to listen in to see how to win a free fishing hat or t-shirt!
  • We report on a story that, at the time, had no red herrings, but we were quickly informed by our live chat room that the story was QUITE FAKE and that Square Enix did NOT really change their business strategy to concentrate on remakes.
  • However, Microsoft DID add new games to the Backwards Compatability list for the Xbox 360, and some of the games were ones people were clamoring for.
  • The latest PS3 Firmware (version 1.70 for those of you counting) now allows for your downloaded PSOne titles to play on your PS3, and you can even transfer game saves between your PS3 and your PSP.
  • Then we take calls about Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0, getting Raiden III from Gamestop, the whole Jack Thompson thing with regards to current events, and an update on Zappy trying to fix his PSP which ends in him hanging up due to a horrible joke gone even horribler.  (Is that even a word?)

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