The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 858: July 23, 2023


Removable Batteries For Future Handhelds, Ubisoft Cancelling Inactive Accounts

  • My 18th year of podcasting started on July 24th! It's been a fun ride.
  • I'll be at the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo July 28-30th in Atlanta, and hosting a Speedrun Exhibition of Silent Hill: Homecoming by AnEternalEnigma on Saturday night at 10PM!
  • Murder By Numbers is free on Epic Games Store this week, and is a great visual novel Picross games that evokes a lot of Ace Attorney vibes.
  • Arcade Paradise came out on Xbox Game Pass and it is a collection of minigames and not exactly a business management sim. (But it still held my attention to the credits...)
  • Ubisoft may delete your account if you don't log into it for years, and some people have received notifications that look like phishing but aren't.
  • The EU has stated that handheld devices like mobile phones and game devices must have removable batteries by 2027.
  • Then we talk to Rob about SFGE.

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