The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 84: February 25, 2007


IGF Preview Part 1, European PS3 Gimping

  • We attempted to purchase something from the PlayStation Store, but it was such a hassle - but we just kept with the fl0w and were finally successful.
  • This week, a demo for PC RTS Supreme Commander came out - did it run on our hardware and did we like it?
  • Nintendo is adding two new consoles to the Virtual Console service in Japan.
  • Sony is gimping the European PS3Â’s by taking out the PS1 and PS2 hardware that assisted in backwards compatability.
  • We then take a look at some of the nominees for the 2007 Independent Game Festival including: Bubble Islands, Gamma Bros, Samorost2, Toribash, Toblo, Racing Pitch, and Roboblitz.  Download them yourself here!  More titles to be looked at next week!
  • We also took calls about the PS3 backwards compatability and Supreme Commander.

Download The MP3! - 19MB, 53 minutes 33 seconds

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