The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 811: June 12, 2022


Summer Games Fest and Xbox Bethesda Showcase Recap

  • I'm hosting at Summer Games Done Quick 2022 in two weeks - hear me on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon!
  • Even though there was no big industry trade show, Geoff Keighley put on Summer Games Fest and showed off a bunch of new game trailers - with lots of horror games.
  • Geoff revealed at the end that the 2023 event will include an in-person component, and there's a very interesting reason as to why.
  • Devolver Digital did what Devolver Digital does - but they probably had the best game I had seen all weekend in between Suda51 as a mech destroying the world. (Every word of that sentence is 100% true.)
  • At the Xbox Bethesda Showcase, games releasing in the next 12 months were shown - many of which coming to Xbox Game Pass.
  • The big blockbuster announcement is the partnership with Riot Games - League of Legends and Valorant will be coming with all champions unlocked to Game Pass.
  • But Bobby's favorite announcement was that all of the good Persona games were coming to Windows and Xbox Game Pass - but was saddened to hear it includes Persona 3 Portable and not Persona 3 FES.
  • Then we talk to Rob about the showcases as well as Hideo Kojima announcing he was working with Microsoft to specifically use their cloud technology.

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