The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 748: February 21, 2021


Persona 5 Strikers Early Impressions, Blizzard Brings Back Its Best Game

  • We start off with a viewer comment regarding Google and its connected accounts that could control your entire digital life.
  • BlizzConline was this weekend, and there was a legendary musical act who performed but wasn't heard by most of the audience.
  • However, Blizzard DID announce that it was rereleasing the best game in its collection - Rock N Roll Racing is out with the Blizzard Arcade Collection alongside The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne.
  • The Intellivision Amico has been delayed again - it slipped from its initial launch date of 10-10-2020 to 4-3-2021, and now has slipped again to October 10, 2021 - exactly one year after its initially announced launch.
  • Persona 5 Strikers was released early for people who purchased the Digital Deluxe edition - and I had gotten about 10 hours into it over the weekend.
  • Then we talk to OLR about putting some respect into Diablo's name.

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