The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 699: March 1, 2020


GDC Postponed Due To COVID-19 Cancellations

  • I will be at the Georgia Game Developers Association meeting on Tuesday, March 10th, to talk about how game developers can better use livestreaming and podcasts to build their brand, and I talk a little bit about the type of message I want to send regarding when to engage with people like me.
  • After spending most of the last episode admonishing companies for abandoning conferences due to COVID-19 fears, the Game Developer Conference went ahead and just postponed their show, leaving a lot of people in a lurch with non-refundable plane tickets and hotel expenses.
  • At PAX East, which still went on just fine, Harmonix announced the video game version of Dropmix - Fuser.
  • The creator of the Konami code passed away this week. We thank him for enriching our lives with extra lives.
  • Since nobody was calling in, I ask people why I was sent a peanut butter can admonishing my (correct) pronunciation of "GIF" and I explain why it's pronounced the same way as the peanut butter brand and why we don't pronounce any other acronym based on the words it represents.

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