The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 67: October 29, 2006


Week of October 29, 2006

  • This episode is a combination of two seperate events that took place at the 2006 America's Videogame Expo in Philadelphia.
  • The first 33 minutes are the All Games Radio Trivia Challenge, which tests you on obscure trivia about game audio and gaming urban legends.
  • Starting at the 33 minute mark is the ATARI keynote address, where Atari, Inc finally embraces the homebrew and oldschool enthusiast community and outlines their new approach.
  • The speakers in this 20 minute address are Chris Bergstresser, Ian Sharpe, and Alex "LX" Rudis.
  • NOTE: The keynote begins *after* our traditional outtro (that was a part of the trivia contest) so don't click away when it starts!

Download The MP3! - 19MB, 53 minutes 39 seconds

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