The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 646: January 20, 2019


SiNKR 2 Interview, More Cross-Platform Games

  • We feature an interview from SIEGE 2018 with Robert Wahler of Wahler Digital about SiNKR 2, a minimalist puzzle game coming very soon to Steam, Android, and iOS. Catch the video version of the interview on the VOG Network YouTube channel.
  • Star Control: Origins is back on Steam - while the initial DMCA complaint has been dismissed, there's still a lot of court dates in the future to determine the direction of the franchise and who owns it.
  • We talked a little bit about Mortal Kombat 11 and how it's gonna be great for some people.
  • The Unity Game Engine has changed their Terms of Service again, and allows people to use older Terms and reactivates Improbable's licenses to work on the SpatialOS cloud system - stating they are not an official partner and will not be officially supported by Unity.
  • Rocket League has gotten full cross-platform cross-play with Steam, Switch, Xbox One, AND PS4.
  • Then we take calls on DISCORD about playing Beat Saber for the first time and hardware predictions for 2019.

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