The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 6: August 28, 2005


Week of August 28, 2005

  • Big thanks to eToychest for their favorable writeup of the show - our first writeup outside of the Allgames community!
  • A new PC "game", or rather, a one-act interactive drama, Façade, was released in July and has been turning heads in the AI world. It's free, but an 800MB download.
  • Sony VP Phil Harrison told European website that Nintendo Is Irrelevant, stating that the DS only appeals to Pokemon lovers and that the PSP is the only true "gaming handheld" that will be available in Europe, therefore they've already won.
  • At the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend, Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime: Hunters will indeed have online multiplayer via the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection.
  • Gamespot posted several rumors regarding the Nintendo Revolution.
  • Did you think, like Bobby Blackwolf did, that the Super Mario Bros Super Show was a great cartoon? Well, head on over to Yahooligans! and check out the free streaming TV from the Super Mario Bros Super Show and The Legend of Zelda, and see how wrong you might have been.
  • Yahoo is now hosting the latest theatrical trailer for Doom, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Biggest feature to note is the extensive use of game-like First Person Shooter sequences.
  • And as always, New Release Tuesday.

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