The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 558: February 19, 2017


Nintendo Switch Stolen, SNES Games Lost In Mail

  • E3 totally did not sell out in 10 minutes...more like a few days. Surprising.
  • The Humble Freedom Bundle was a thing that was glorious.
  • A NeoGAF user reported getting a Nintendo Switch early, posted some videos of the UI, then Nintendo claimed it was stolen and he sent it back. (He also did some shady stuff on Reddit before posting the video, allegedly...)
  • A bunch of PAL SNES games were lost in transit being shipped from Europe to a ROM dumper in the US. (Spoiler alert: there was actually a happy ending to this story, to be told on the next episode.)
  • Nobody called, so I talked about my classic MS-DOS gaming rig with a Roland MT-32 and Gravis Ultrasound again.

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