The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 554: January 8, 2017


HTC Vive Tracker, Nintendo Switch Is Coming

  • This past week, MAGFest, the Consumer Electronics Show, and the Hi-Rez Expo all took place. Hadn't heard of that last one? It had the Smite World Championships and the first major tournament for a free-to-play alternative to Overwatch called Paladins, now available on Steam.
  • Over the new year, I played the Jackbox Party Pack 3 with a bunch of my friends, and they've really gotten the party game aspect down.
  • The Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 marathon is going on right now, which is why I've been saying "That's bad RNG" all week.
  • The Nintendo Switch reveal is this week, which means all those rumors can go away...Just hope we can preorder them!
  • HTC announced several Vive accessories at CES - one of which brings parity with the Oculus Rift by having an integrated audio solution.
  • The other device they announced was the Vive Tracker, a tracking unit you can place on any object and have it be tracked in VR.
  • Then we take calls about MAGFest, 2016 games of the year, and what we're looking forward to in 2017.

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