The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 529: June 5, 2016


Microsoft HoloLens Developer Kit Impressions

  • The Microsoft HoloLens Developer Kit is here, and yes, it is expensive, and also very early hardware.
  • We go into wearing the device, the capabilities of it today, the limitations of it today, and why it might not be a great long term gaming solution.
  • We do discuss some games and apps currently available on the Windows Store, such as RoboRaid, Young Conker, Fragments, and HoloTour.
  • Then we talk to OLR about why Nintendo really needs to reveal all the information about the NX 9 months prior to the console launching.
  • I will be moderating four panels at the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo this weekend in Atlanta, so come say hi!

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