The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 5: August 21, 2005


Week of August 21, 2005

  • Go pick up the GPL'd Quake III Arena source code that weighs in at 5.45 megabytes. Provide your own art assets!
  • Nintendo Developers have requested that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess be delayed due to being unfinished.
  • Speaking of which, apparently 50 Cent is providing voice work with Richard Simmons on the new Zelda title, according to!
  • Fanboys whine as the LA Times reports that there will be two bundles of the Xbox 360 - one with the bare essentials, and one with all the frills. Gamers want the one with all the frills, but only want to pay for the bare essentials.
  • Speaking of which, a new Alternate Reality Game called Origen Xbox 360 launched. To see people figuring out what it means, check out Xbox 360 News.
  • Nintendo of Europe spilled the beans to Puisannce-Nintendo about the Xbox Live-like capabilities of the Nintendo DS Wi-fi system.
  • Plus, the debut of a new feature - New Release Tuesday, where we run down all of the North American games out this week and give ratings information when available.

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