The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 491: August 2, 2015


Interview with James Simpson about SnarfQuest Tales; Ouya Sold To Razer

  • Rob finally played (some of) the #VOGJam games, and it's up on YouTube, along with a Flappy VOG secret!
  • Razer bought the parts of Ouya you didn't kickstart - pretty much everything but the hardware and the Free The Games fund, but at least Razer is stepping up.
  • Harmonix is delaying Amplitude to make it bigger and better, but some backers want to try the demo that convention attendees have been playing for months.
  • Our interview is with James Simpson and Jonathan Thomas about SnarfQuest Tales, based on the Larry Elmore comic strip. This is the second time we've spoken to them, and they have a Kickstarter live right now!
  • Then we take calls about the Amplitude Kickstarter and Flashout 2.

Download The MP3! - 21MB, 59 minutes 34 seconds

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