The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 432: May 4, 2014


Zenimax sues Oculus, 1 vs. 100 Coming Back?

  • A comment on a previous episode invoked more about CCP Games dropping the World of Darkness, so it leads into CCP's management philosophy and the announcement of a new MMO that upsets more of its current userbase.
  • The latest PS4 update included SHAREFactory, a free video editing tool that is surprisingly deep.
  • Zenimax has sued Oculus, claiming that John Carmack's knowledge that he gained while working at Zenimax is their IP and Oculus needs to pay up.
  • This leads into a discussion about "Ownership of Development" clauses in employee agreements - from personal experience.
  • Microsoft has claimed that they want to bring interactive experiences like 1 vs. 100 to Xbox One - and that they can do it a lot better this time.
  • Then, we take calls about SHAREFactory, 1 vs. 100, Mario Kart 8, and the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 2.0.

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