The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 37: April 2, 2006


Week of April 2, 2006

  • A lot of games have come out in the last few weeks - Tetris DS, Oblivion, Beatmania, and Kingdom Hearts II.
  • We start off the show with an email responding to Kropotkin's rant about the media not belonging at GDC.
  • Starcraft Forever. Duke Nukem Ghost. Yes, we mess those names up. But they really are just the same.
  • Microsoft is planning to relaunch the Xbox 360 in Japan.
  • Is Final Fantasy XII being announced at E3?
  • Is Halo 3 being announced at E3 for a March, 2007 release?
  • Satoru Iwata says he can't see Nintendo charging high prices for first party games - but they may only limit your use of certain downloaded titles!
  • A couple of things have gone "byebye": the PSOne, UMD movies, and Wolfpack Studios.
  • One thing not going byebye, however, is SOE's license with LucasArts for Star Wars Galaxies.
  • A gamer is suing Blizzard because Blizzard shut down his eBay auction for a guide on how to powerlevel and goldfarm (allegedly).
  • They're making a new action adventure game based on...BEOWULF? Imagine a cluster...
  • Listener emails actually came this week, and the first one asked about the book about the demoscene referenced in episode 22. That book is called FREAX.
  • Another listener emailed about independant games and introduced us to The N-Game, which is like Lode Runner but has user created levels. Nice.
  • And finally, we talk a little about "controversy" surrounding MLB 2K6.
  • Bobby was interviewed on Episode 95 of the Video Games Show - check out the sprawling interview that covered a million topics in 6 minutes!

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