The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 358: October 21, 2012


Interview with Marc Mencher, Co-founder and CEO of

  • This week we have a LIVE interview with Marc Mencher, Co-founder and CEO of and a game industry veteran. In this very motivational conversation, Marc talks all about what you REALLY need to do to get noticed in your job search, how to nail the interview, AND how to keep your job once your game is released. His advice is for everybody, even if his personal services aren't, and you'll end the interview turning your resume into the older Word DOC format.
  • The music break is once again from Professor Shyguy's debut album Geekotica - Chromonyms.
  • Then we take calls about what games we're playing and looking forward to.

Download The MP3! - 21MB, 1 hour 10 seconds

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