The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 341: June 17, 2012


Cheater's Island, Xbox 720 Leaks

  • On this Father's Day, we gush over the latest NimbleBit iOS title, Pocket Planes. Come join our flight crew: #VOG!
  • There was a crappy translation of a psychiatrist in Norway, and it has put the Internet into a tizzy.
  • If you cheat in Rockstar games such as Max Payne 3, they're going to send you to a Cheater's Island.
  • A leaked document, which was taken down by Microsoft's lawyers, outlines the Xbox 720 and Kinect 2 plans.
  • The Federal Trade Commission has recommended to the International Trade Commission to not ban iPhones, iPads, and Xbox 360's.
  • The 38 Studios debacle has finally turned into a criminal investigation, with several entities being subpoenaed.
  • Then we take calls about Blu-ray in the Xbox 720, being social online, Cheaters Island, the VOG Network Home Space, Wreck-It Ralph, and the VOG Network in general.

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