The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 286: April 3, 2011


Four Year Old Plays Eyepet And Kinectimals

Since there was no live show on the night of April 3rd, we decided to do a throwback to our live-only hiatus episodes. This segment originally aired on November 21, 2010 and discusses an experiment of having a four year old play Eyepet and Kinectimals. It examines what the child thought of the games, how she reacted to them, and what the game developers could have done better to make the game easier for a parent (or supervising adult) to assist their child in playing the game. This is a must listen if you have a young child and are wondering if these virtual pet games are for you!

The first game tested - Eyepet
The first game tested - Eyepet

The second game tested - Kinectimals
The second game tested - Kinectimals

Download The MP3! - 10MB, 27 minutes 48 seconds

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