The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 282: March 6, 2011


RB3 Pro Mode on Real Drums, Xtendplay Giveaway, Iwata vs. Smartphones

  • We begin by issuing a contest to receive an Xbox 360 Xtendplay - the accessory that assists with your long gameplay sessions. Find out how to win!
  • Bobby finally got his hands on the Rock Band 3 MIDI Pro Adapter and put it through its paces on his Roland V-Drums TD-20-S drumset. We find out if it's really a good way to learn how to play drums, or if it's better to just use the game controller.
  • We take a hard look at the Game Developers Conference and what should and shouldn't be at the show.
  • Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata had some choice things to say about smartphones and how they are devaluing the video game industry. Does he have a point?
  • Then we take calls about the Sony PS3 hacking, Magicka: Vietnam, and we talk about Radiant Historia a little bit more.

NEXT WEEK, we have a LIVE INTERVIEW with Grammy award winner CHRISTOPHER TIN! Tune in LIVE to submit a question!

Download The MP3! - 18MB, 52 minutes 27 seconds

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