The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 281: February 27, 2011


Xtendplay, Radiant Historia Review, Xbox Community Closings

  • We start off by giving our impressions of the Xtendplay, an accessory for either the Xbox 360 or PS3 that gives your hands better posture on the controller and claims to lessen fatigue and cramping.
  • Then we take a look at Radiant Historia for the DS, which many are saying is this generation's Chrono Trigger. With Chrono Trigger being Bobby's favorite game, does this live up?
  • Two Xbox 360 Community Sites closed down this week - 360Junkies and MGC's farewell letter opened a lot of people's eyes to how Microsoft treats the community after setting such a good example several years ago.
  • Then we take phone calls about why you should support community sites, the Nintendo 3DS Japanese launch, Radiant Historia, and why everyone is pushing 3DTV.

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