The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 21: December 11, 2005


Week of December 11, 2005

  • The SpikeTV Video Game Awards hurt my brain.
  • But at least King's Quest IX will still see the light of day!
  • We talk more about Animal Crossing: Wild World and it's longevity, as well as clear up some misstated things said last week.
  • MTV likes the Nintendo Revolution's controller, and so do developers.
  • The Sony PS3 is on track for a Spring 2006 launch, but it's interesting that the article spends more time on Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD than PS3 vs. Xbox 360.
  • Congrats to listener dcNate for winning an Xbox 360 Premium System from A Million Crazy Pixels courtesy of the blocks he won on this show!
  • We look into the last throws of the Gamecube with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and it's delays.
  • We wax poetically about the Indrema, a Linux-based open source console that never got the funding it needed, and talk a little bit about the XGameStation.
  • Microsoft says that the Xbox 360 shortage was because of a chip shortage, nothing more.
  • But you can go ahead and camp out at Best Buy on December 18th to get your hands on one.
  • Or, you can join the class action lawsuit against Microsoft for deliberately sending out defective units.
  • Or, even better yet, you can download a defective backwards compatability patch that gives you Tom Clancy games but breaks Halo 2. (It was fixed on Friday, so there's no more issues.)
  • We're giving away Wild Arms 3 for the PS2. It's shrinkwrapped. And it's from Canada (complete with English AND French descriptions). Listen to learn how you can win this. Yes, we know it's old, and we're still not kidding.
  • Next week we're doing another gamer roundtable about the best things for each platform on the holiday season. Listen for details on how YOU can be involved!

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